What if I don't like my drink?

We will absolutely remake any drink on the menu that was made incorrectly. However, we are unable to provide refunds on drinks that were ordered incorrectly or don't satisfy a customer's taste preference.

This is not because we wouldn't like to, but with our insane customizability options, it would be extremely difficult to regulate.

Our baristas will do their best to help you choose a drink you can be amazed by.

What if I forget to present my loyalty card?
Unfortunately, we are unable to account for past drink purchases on loyalty cards so it is very important, the card be displayed at the time of purchase.
Do you have Dairy Free options?

We offer Almond and Oat Milk substitutes for any drinks containing dairy.

What size and colors do your clothing come in?
Apparel comes is a wide array of colors and sizes. Colors will vary throughout the year and we offer all apparel in XS - 3X.
Do you sell gift cards?

Gift Cards may be purchased at the shop or on our website.

Do you have low-carb options?

Substitute our classic Red Bull Refreshers with Club Soda or Sugar-Free Red Bull for an instant low-carb drink!

In addition, we offer milk alternatives and sugar-free flavors to assist in any diet preference.

Can I order 1/2 sweet?

Of course!

How can I make my coffee drink stronger?

For a stronger coffee flavor, consider adding additional shots of espresso.

Additionally, a couple of tips for crafting your perfect drink with lots of coffee flavor;

Substituting skim milk in our coffee drinks creates a drink stronger in coffee flavor.

Requesting less ice will result in a more mellow, less coffee flavored drink.

Can I get this drink iced?
Our drinks are so customizable that many of our menu item may be alternatively blended, iced or hot.
Can I get this drink hot?
Our drinks are so customizable that many of our menu item may be alternatively blended, iced or hot.
Do you offer sugar-free flavors?

We offer an extensive list of Sugar-Free flavors including Raspberry, Vanilla, and more!

See our full list of flavors on our website.

Do you offer decaf?
What are your hours?
We are open to serve you Mon - Fri 6:30am to 6pm, Saturdays from 8am to 4pm and we are closed on Sunday.
What are your bakery specials?
Our bakery selection varies daily. You can find our bakery selections posted daily on Facebook and Instagram.
Do you have skinny options?

Many of our drinks are also available in a skinny version.  Just ask your barista at the window!

Still have questions?

We're here to answer them!